Anna Laurent

Anna Laurent
Garden Design
The landmark work of British botanist Anna Atkins paved the way for a new field of botanic photography. Read More »
Herbarum vivae, cover
The first best-selling plant book was published in 1530, launching a new age of botanic study; its success is credited to Hans Weiditz’s accurate and beautiful botanic illustrations. Read More »
The world's oldest tree is Methuselah, a 4,741-year-old bristlecone pine in California's White Mountains. Read More »
Plant Alphabet by Sasha Prood
Inspired by the natural world, artist Sasha Prood has illustrated an alphabet by drawing plants that naturally fall into the shapes of the letters. Garden Design interviews Prood about her work and her plant muses. Read More »
Quaking aspens - Fish lake Utah
An aspen forest in Utah could be awarded 47,000 blue ribbons that read "World's Largest Tree." That's the number of discrete tree stems that constitute Pando (Latin for "I spread"), a colony of genetically identical aspens that converge underground in a single sprawling root system. Also known as The Trembling Giant, the trees' fluttering leaves... Read More »
rice paddy harvest
It takes a village to grow a picture in a rice field: Since 1993, a small Japanese village has been creating rice paddy art, in an effort to increase tourism.  It's a hybrid of traditional illustration and crop circles, with canvases that are as large as football fields.   Read More »
Busse at NYBG
A plant enthusiast and a history nut, landscape architect Paul Busse uses exclusively botanic material to recreate famous buildings in miniature, building willow twig bridges and cinnamon cantilevers. Read More »
Despite its efforts to keep a low profile—lurking, as it tends to do, deep in Southeast Asia's undisturbed rainforests—the Rafflesia arnoldii has international notoriety. Its detractors might call it a hulking, smelly parasite, and they would not be wrong. It's the world's largest flower, and it smells like rotting meat. Read More »
Jacaranda Sketch / Flower
Since 1890, Harvard's glass flowers have fascinated both academics and the general public. Made in Dresden, Germany, these full-size specimens are meticulously detailed, existing as both scientifically accurate models and unusual pieces of art. Read More »
The bewitching fragrance of jasmine vines is a difficult-to-bottle scent. Capturing jasmine's essence is considered a superlative feat of aromatic alchemy, which is why jasmine is an ingredient in some of the world's most expensive perfumes. Read More »
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