Anna Laurent

Anna Laurent
Green Animals
A Victorian-era menagerie still grows today, at an historic country estate in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. With its century-old living sculptures, Green Animals Garden is the oldest topiary garden in the United States.  Read More »
Seasonal vegetables
Want to know when your favorite produce is in season? Designer and chef Russell van Kraayenburg illustrated a series of infographic posters that will help. Read More »
Poison Garden - Entrance
Visitors to the Poison Garden at Alnwick Castle are greeted with a big black gate that warns "These Plants May Kill." Lurking beyond the miasmatic fog is a collection of over 100 botanic assassins & intoxicants that include the legendary deadly nightshade, strychnine, and... Read More »
Repton -Tratton
British landscape designer Sir Humphry Repton mastered the art of the sell. His signature "Red Books," so-called for their signature moroccan leather binding, conveyed proposals to clients with detailed 'before' and 'after' sketches.  Read More »
One of California's most impressive Ficus trees is in San Diego—like most figs, it is pollinated by symbiotic wasps that help make your harvest so sweet. Read More »
Pothole Gardener
On the streets in East London, Steve Wheen may be better known as the Pothole Gardener. He creates miniature landscapes in the city's neglected corners that encourage passersby to think about their environments, all of them: the green, the grey, the built, and the natural. His work has inspired miniature gardens throughout the world, and is now... Read More »
Drielandenpunt Labyrinth, or Three-Country Labyrinth, is Europe's largest open air shrub maze, and its hilltop location in the Netherlands—the highest point in the country—offers a stunning view of Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Designed by landscape architect Adrian Fisher, the labyrinth pays homage to the location's infamous popularity... Read More »
Photographer Sasha Kurmaz captures the fragility, beauty, and hope of a blossom. Read More »
A living wall in Milan was recently granted the superlative title of world's largest. Designed by architect Francesco Bollani, the vertical garden carpets 13,600 square feet of an Italian mall's facade. Read More »
To look at a history of botanic illustration is to look at the changing significance of a plant over time. A new exhibit at Lotusland, in Montecito, California, does just this. Historic prints document these transitional periods—of plant as medical specimen, to exotic beauty, to garden delight—in a show titled "The Plant Hunters: Botanical... Read More »
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