Anna Laurent

Anna Laurent
Divine Parrot
We talk with photographer Michel Tcherevkoff about his collection of imagined floral shoes, Shoe Fleur. Read More »
Banyan Drive
On the mainland, celebrities get a Hollywood star; in Hawai'i, it's a tree on Banyan Drive.  Read More »
oldest forest
A 385 million-year old forest, the world's oldest, was recently excavated in an upstate New York quarry. Read More »
Encephalartos woodii
A dual exhibition at Kew Botanical Gardens features Plants in Peril and Losing Paradise, showing illustrations of endangered plants through the world. The exhibition closes March 18, 2012, so go see it if you can! Read More »
Here's to a holiday filled with the luck of the Irish and the spirit of St Patrick; just remember, their leafy symbols don't look the same. We look at the stories behind the legend of St. Patrick's emblem, and the difference between a shamrock and a four-leaf clover.   Read More »
poplar horizontal
Written by French botanists who explored North American forests in the late 1700s, The North American Sylva is a monumental work with masterful illustrations and extensive botanic profiles. The book would help France reforest its post-war countryside, and become a landmark in North American forestry. Today, it remains readable and... Read More »
Ramat Rachel
Ancient pollen grains preserved on the site of a royal palace in Jerusalem have given researchers a vision of 7th century B.C garden opiulence: a lush paradise with surprising exotics and traitional species.  Read More »
Celery Root
Botanical illustrator Sally Jacobs finds her subjects at Los Angeles farmers markets. A show of her vegetable watercolor portraits just opened at a gallery in Bergamot Station, Santa Monica.  Read More »
Prunus cerasifera
The purple-leaf plum tree is blossoming, which means it's spring! It is a beautiful ornamental tree that bears edible fruits—perfect for summer foraging and winter preserves. Read More »
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