Anna Laurent

Anna Laurent
Glass gem
Glass gem corn was bred years ago by a part-Cherokee farmer and master seed-saver. Yes, it's real, and, as an heirloom, its seeds will grow true. Today, glass gem corn seeds are saved at Seeds Trust, who anticipate more available next month. Glass gem is an extreme iteration of corn's natural tendency towards different-colored kernels, as each... Read More »
Spigelia genuxlexa
While most plants disperse seeds far away, some have evolved a mechanism to keep them close and better ensure their survival. These geocarpic species actually deposit their own fruits in the soil. Last year, a botanist in rural Brazil named a newly discovered species Spigelia genuflexa, after its tendency to bow towards the... Read More »
The world's oldest seed bank is near St. Petersburg, Russia. Originally planted by an early 20th century botanist who collected in five continents over 20 years, it's believed that 90% of its seeds can be found no where else. Today, its fate is in jeopardy.  Read More »
On Saturday, January 19th, tulip growers and promoters will fill Amsterdam's Dam Square with thousands of tulips, free for the picking, to inaugurate Tulpendag (Tulip Day), the official start of the tulip season in Holland.  Read More »
Olive russulas
In Fruiting Bodies, UK-based photographer Julia Claxton captures the beauty and mystery of common mushrooms.    Read More »
Paris japonica
Paris japonica has the largest genome—the most DNA—of any organism, flora or fauna. The rare plant's genome is 50 times longer than humans, though a long genome isn't always a good thing for a species.  Read More »
You probably won't find these flowers at any summer weddings, but the water-dwelling plant would be a perfect accent at the world's tiniest garden party. Sparking like tiny green jewels, each less than a millimeter in diameter, the Wolffia globosa is the smallest flowering plant in the world. Read More »
An exhibit at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh documents the success of a project called extInked. A social experiment and an ecological initiative, the project paired one hundred of the country's threatened flora, fauna, and fungi with volunteers that would become ambassadors for their species, with a tattoo to prove it.  Read More »
crooked forest
In a small corner of western Poland, a forest of about 400 pine trees all grow with a 90 degree bend at the base of the trunks. For lack of a scientific name, the collection of curved trees is known as The Crooked Forest. Read More »
Pendle HIll
A new sculpture trail in Pendle Hill, England winds through the rural landscape and commemorates the 400th anniversary of an historic witch hunt. The site-specific pieces were designed with local materials and inspired by Pendle Hill's dark history.  Read More »
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