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Slide show of stoneware garden containers from Louisville Stoneware for Garden Design
City vibe meets Midwest charm in this harmonious Lincoln Park garden designed by Douglas Hoerr
The Cultural Landscape Foundation exhibits photographs and stories of irreplaceable trees that have shaped communities and cultures.
We tackle whether you should buy a live or cut Christmas tree, plus flower tips, recipes, and more for this Thanksgiving weekend.
Residents of Marfa, Texas, have created vibrant gardens that bring life to the desert plains.
In South Africa's Cape Town, a spectacular botanical garden with rare and indigenous plants blooms against the backdrop of Table Mountain.
Given enough patience and back strength, anyone can install a basic garden path, says landscape designer Michael Donnellan of Summerhill Landscapes in Sag Harbor, N.Y.
How to take care of your plant roots.
In this garden, just 40 minutes from London, Jinny Blom converted a neglected hilltop farm into a garden of exquisitely designed rooms with an astonishing grand finale, overlooking a wide valley in the high chalklands.
Of all the root vegetables I grow, it is the potatoes that give me the biggest thrill at harvest time.  I love to stick my hands in the soil and retrieve the buried bounty, with a yield of eight to ten potatoes for every one that I plant.
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