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Charlie Baker's custom rustic designs—fashioned from driftwood and salvaged materials—have graced gardens across the country, as well as the windows of Hermès. We investigate the story behind this innovative landscape designer and furniture maker. 
These rocks are made of felted hand-dyed wool, a fun way to bring the outdoors in.
The sixth installment of Dwell on Design, the Los Angeles showcase of modern, sustainable ideas, featured a wide range of stylish, practical green goods, some quietly cutting-edge, others wonderfully wild. 
The Lynx gas-fired Power Burner is a dinner accessory worth donning. It has a dual-ring cast-brass burner that can be ramped up to an extreme 46,000 BTUs. The grate is made to hold substantial stockpots — Low Country boil, anyone? Other features include easy-to-see controls lit with blue LEDs, a fully extendable drip pan and a removable stainless-steel cover. 888-879-2322, lynxgrills.com
Landscape architect Raymond Hansen adds a minimalist outdoor kitchen to a Pacific Palisades couple’s existing dining terrace
A thoughtful collaboration between Stahl Architects and Land Elements produces a landscape that celebrates old and new, in Fargo, North Dakota.  
A look at some of the garden antiques and nature-inspired pieces at this year's 58th Annual Winter Antiques Show at the Park Avenue Armory.
Each year the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) awards professional awards to the year's best residential landscape designs. We have the winners from this year's competition, from a brilliantly reimagined former rock quarry (above) in Connecticut to a home in Mexico with spectacular outdoor rooms.
A fountain at Harvard wins the 2008 ASLA Landmark Award
Visit these small public parks scattered throughout the city of Toronto
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