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A new line of stands and planters offer the perfect amount of illumination at night, by absorbing sunlight all day, eliminating a need for wires or outlets.
Never could figure out the puzzle? Now you can just put your drink on it. 
A flower's demise is a slow process—unless you're photographer Jon Shireman, in which case it happens with a quick pivot and a smash. He immerses his flowers to stiffen them, then flings them against a hard surface. The shattered remains are beautiful.
Tips from Dean & DeLuca Chef Paul Marshall on cheese course preparation
Miami Design District showroom lives on
The terrarium artist Paula Hayes's new exhibit opens tomorrow at MoMA.
In suburban New York, a reader grows tiers of organic vegetables that connect to a Craftsman-style house via a bridge.
A slide show of the plants, garden, and architecture of a classic Beverly Hills home.
The bouquet! The trees in Westminster Abbey! The bridesmaids' wreaths! (Oh, and did we mention that we did a DIY last week on almost exactly the same lily-of-the-valley wreaths? We wonder if the British Royal Family is reading gardendesign.com—welcome ma'am!)
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