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Here's to a holiday filled with the luck of the Irish and the spirit of St Patrick; just remember, their leafy symbols don't look the same. We look at the stories behind the legend of St. Patrick's emblem, and the difference between a shamrock and a four-leaf clover.  
On display until mid-May at the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art in Nashville, Tennessee, these sculptures by French artist Mathilde Roussel feature suspended human bodies covered in wheat grass. 
On the grounds of a former estate outside of Philadelphia, a cadre of master gardeners presides over an oasis of earthly delights. We've put together some ideas—paired with photos—from Chanticleer that any home gardener can use to design their own spaces. 
What’s cooking? Nigel Slater’s new book, Ripe, follows the Brit from his home orchard to his kitchen table. Plus: His recipe for blackberry focaccia!


Hobbiton, or the Shire, where the Hobbits lived in Lord of the Rings, is one way of creating a terraced landscape—a landscape filled with hobbit holes for cinematic hobbits, which is now a tourist attraction and popular with the local sheep. 
Paris japonica has the largest genome—the most DNA—of any organism, flora or fauna. The rare plant's genome is 50 times longer than humans, though a long genome isn't always a good thing for a species. 
The garden and home of the late Tony Duquette continue to flourish. Hutton Wilkinson leads us on a tour.
For his debut show as Dior's creative director, designer Raf Simons stitched together a setting reminiscent of the fashion house's founding themes—femininity, romance, and flowers. Once again, the house of Dior was a house of flowers. 
German artist Regine Ramseier's "Wunderkammer" installation with 2,000 seed heads suspended from a ceiling leaves viewers wondering: Is that where the dreams go when I wish upon a dandelion? 
Thomas Woltz lets the landscape take center stage. 
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