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Favorite summer games include croquet, badminton, and V:King. Are you buying any lawn games before the end of summer?
Biologist and artist Ernst Haeckel introduced the term "ecology," and pursued his study of the natural world with a scientist's rigor and an artist's philosophy. He traveled around the world to find botanic specimens and illustrated them as perfect forms and unifying patterns. 
La Louve (The She-Wolf), Nicole de Vésian's house and garden in Provence is up for sale. This influential garden was designed by a former designer for Hermès—we take a look at how you can buy or visit this amazing garden.
In this week's post about What Makes a House a Home, Angry Wayne, aka Wayne Surber, the former executive sous chef at Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery, and the chef behind a new venture, Lonestar Taco, writes about how he started creating a vegetable garden at his father-in-law's house, two hours away—and how an experiment that started on a whim ended up creating a home he didn't know he had.
What happens when interior decorators let loose their considerable talents on the natural world? Check out the photographs from "Landscape Pleasures," an event held at the Parish Art Museum, in Southhampton, New York, this year, which showcased the gardens of celebrated interior designers.
Katy Elliott, founder of her very popular eponymous blog katyelliott.com, shares with us how her extensive home renovations have included everything from tearing up the garden borders to building a terrarium inspired by Maine's Snug Harbor Farm in today's What Makes a House a Home.
Bulbophyllum nocturnum, the only known species of orchid to bloom at night, was recently discovered.


A selection of extraordinary Christmas trees throughout the world—most are local traditions, many are breaking records, and one appears to break through a suburban roof.  


Monterey's famous Lone Cypress is one of the most photographed trees in the United States, and has become emblematic of the California Coast. Its image is also copyrighted, which brings up interesting questions about the legal images of nature.
The greenhouse makes a comeback in some surprising places.
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