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Discovered as a witch’s broom on Cryptomeria japonica ‘Gracilis’, C. japonica ‘Little Champion’ is a dwarf form with a tidy globular shape, about 1 to 2 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide in 10 years. The finely textured needles, pale-green color and compact size make this a perfect container or rock-garden plant. Zones 6 to 8.
Quit the rat race, move to the country, fix up an old farmhouse, and spend your days outdoors, running your own nursery and garden design business. One designer's story.
Photos from Heather Lenkin's tour of the Netherlands and France.
A Zen garden in Sun Valley, Idaho designed by Native Landscapes kept wise water use in mind, as well as wildlife habitat and use of local materials.
Developed between 1930 and 1950, the organically maintained gardens at Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens in Houston are nationally recognized as among the most significant in the South
Kate Middleton, the soon-to-be-royal bride, will marry into a family of passionate gardeners.
Ubiquitous yet often overlooked, indoor and outdoor ferns are botanical marvels.
Made of New York salvages timber from old Manhattan buildings and repurposes it in this collection of handmade home furnishings. The weathered wood, finished in natural tones or primary color stains, manages to look both urban and rustic.
How to grow rhododendrons in your garden. And remember, a rhododendron needs three things above all else: drainage, drainage, and drainage.
The vital statistics on every gardener’s lifeline


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