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Artist and architect Maya Lin's latest work at Mountainville, New York's Storm King Art Center 
The New York Restoration Project and DelGreco & Company team up to revitalize neglected neighborhood parks in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout the boroughs of New York City 
Emerging from supporting roles as masses of background greenery, ferns can hold their own as centerpieces, indoors or out.
Discover one of Maryland's nearly two dozen public gardens — and where to stay when you visit
Bella Meyer, granddaughter of artist Marc Chagall, has been enthralled by flowers since childhood.
University of Georgia's famed football coach is passionate about two things: football and gardening. In our Q & A, he talks about his biggest gardening challenge: "Trying to keep it up as I acquire more and more space and more plants. My mother used to say, 'Housework is never done.' The same can be said for gardening."
This chic riff on the Radio Flyer mixes nostalgia with rugged modern materials: marine plywood on an aluminum frame won't mind a little rain, while the synthetic fiber basket stands up to anything you transport, from plants to tools to groceries.
These moss knuckle dusters can't decide whether they're tough or soft—real moss grows on top of this four knuckle ring.
Our basic guide to growing moss, with photos of four of our favorite varieties.
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