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They may not need soil or pots, so how do you display air plants? We suggest three ways to display tillandsias in your home including an unexpected material: Velcro.
Inspired by a family trip to Palm Springs, our floral columnist creates fresh arrangements using succulents. Mixed with seasonal flowers and displayed in old silver containers, this is a whole new take on a trendy group of plants.
A master of communication, graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister uses flowers and leaves arranged to convey his personal axioms.
Mimosa pudica, or the bashful plant, is the introvert of the garden, yet, with a coy choreography that is curiously beautiful, it is impossible not to touch, and has fascinated botanists for centuries. At a light caress, its fern-like leaves will fold inward; a gentle thrust will collapse the petiole.


A look at some of the new lily hybrids available for the bulb and cut flower market.
An exhibit of contemporary topiary pieces is on display at this year's International Horticulture Expo, in Xi’an, China. The menagerie of living sculptures includes the country's national bird, a giant panda, and a cow.  
Maps to the stars! No, wait, maps to...fruit trees? The Los Angeles-based group Fallen Fruit created maps of the city's fruit trees, a reminder that Los Angeles was once organized by boulevards of orchards, not Hollywood and Sunset. It's little locavore, a little urban farmer, and it's a new way to understand a city.
In Garden Designers at Home, a new tome from Pavilion Books, top designers use their own gardens to hone their craft.
On one recent Saturday, Chicago L train riders traveled in an elevated, mobile garden. 
A garden in Garrison, New York ended up converting a bookkeeper into a passionate gardener.
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