Steal This Look: Copper Container Garden Vignette

Steal This Look: Copper Container Garden Vignette

October 25, 2012
Photo by: Shirley Bovshow, "Eden Maker"

These gorgeous, three-tier container gardens were spotted in front of the Fairmont Chicago Hotel where I stayed last week.

I almost didn't notice them as I scurried out of the taxi. At the time, my goal was to stay alive as I made my way to the hotel lobby.

It was rush hour and the all-day convention attendees at the hotel were creating a human gridlock as they congregated near the taxis and I couldn't see where I was going.

I was pushed into a sea of people and almost fell, but as I straightened myself up, I noticed something very beautiful that made up for the negative energy in the air.

Lust at First Sight!

The copper pots caught my attention first and then I noticed how dynamic the garden arrangement was in general.

Not only are the pots a feature in this landscape, but the "understory" planting of bulbs and annuals all work together for this spectacular vignette!

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