Recyled bottles never looked so good


Recyled bottles never looked so good

November 9, 2009

Last April we covered a line of indoor-outdoor pillows by San Diego interior designer and colorist Kathleen Roarty that found their inspiration in Roarty’s family’s worldwide travels. Her company, Mint Pillows, has just launched a new collection, Elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air — each an individual series with six slightly different patterned pillows. I’m digging Water, which mimics an alluring shallow patch of sun-dappled ocean in the Bahamas.

Each collection is a limited edition, and each pillow is hand-crafted, numbered and dated. The insert is a cushy faux-down that is soft and dense but also durable for the outdoors. Now, Mint Pillows has switched all of their pillows to a soft new fabric that is made from 100% recycled water bottles. The results are luxurious feeling, nap-inducing pillows. I’m a believer. More at

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