Hot New Project: Lopez residence

Hot New Project: Lopez residence

February 11, 2009
Name: Jorge Sanchez
Title: President
Firm name: Sanchez & Maddux, Inc.
Project location: Cocoplum, Coral Gables, FL

How did you first connect with this client? We were somehow recommended to the client & the client knows of us through magazines.

What were the clients’ primary desires for their garden? They had purchased the house as “the ugliest house” in the area, but with very good docking facilities for their yacht. They had been “challenged” to convert it to the best-looking house in the area.

Any interesting obstacles to achieving the dream? The house itself. We were part of a great team: the architect, interior decorator and us.

What are your favorite elements of the garden?
The lay of the land there. How it all meets together; pool, terrace, water, canal.

What does the client say now that the project is done? They knew we could do it. They are delighted. We all had a good time with it.