Wave Petunias Celebrates 15 Years

Wave Petunias Celebrates 15 Years

March 30, 2010

Avid gardeners look at their outdoor space as an open canvas, and flowers as the colorful tip on their landscaping paintbrush. Whether in pots, hanging baskets, or in beds and borders, petunias inspire gardeners, giving them the vibrant color they need to create an impressive display to enjoy throughout the growing season.

Known by its signature pink pot and a colorful petunia palette of unmatched performance, Wave® Petunias proudly celebrates 15 years of coloring the world. Wave continues to offer unique designer colors that perform, such as this year’s Easy Wave® Burgundy Star, the first star-pattern in the series, Easy Wave Plum Vein, the series’ first vein pattern, and Shock Wave™ Denim, which changes colors throughout the season, altering color just like your favorite pair of blue jeans.

The Original Wave

It all started with the color purple – the first Wave® variety – introduced in 1995. This award-winning spreading petunia quickly became a favorite for many gardeners because of its easy-care maintenance and abundant vibrant color.

Today, the Wave family has expanded to include 5 series filled with many colors and habits to fit various garden sizes and uses: The original Wave® series features a low-growing habit; Easy Wave® series has a more mounded and controlled spreading habit, making it the most versatile ideal for the landscape, baskets or containers; the Double Wave® series is designed to give gardeners frilly flowers for baskets and planters; Shock Wave® series has petite blooms in beautiful and bold colors; and Tidal Wave® series grows tall and bushy as a dense, hedge petunia.

“Petunias are an incredibly popular way to bring vivid color to any garden,” says Jennifer Neujahr, brand manager for Wave. “We’ve worked very hard over the years to bring new colors, patterns and options to our gardeners while maintaining the easy-care Wave performance standard that gardeners have come to expect. To confirm its performance in different growing climates, Wave petunias are trialed and tested at research locations around the world.”

Wave Petunias also continue to inspire gardening enthusiasts online. Wave Fans can connect with more than 17,000 other members of the Wave-Rave Fan Club at its website, which is filled with gardening tips and planting information. Fans can also share ideas, photos and comments via the Wave Petunias fan page on Facebook.

“Our company is excited to have reached this milestone, and our success is measured by the consumer’s continued love for Wave Petunias,” Neujahr says. “And the future looks amazing too, with unique colors and designer mixes planned for the years ahead. Stay tuned – we’re just getting started.”

For more information on how to make a big impact in your garden with colorful Wave Petunias, go to wave-rave.com.

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