Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden


Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

April 22, 2004
Photo by: Courtesy Of Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

Deep within the rain forest of the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is a magnificent three-tiered waterfall known as Onomea Falls. The scene from the viewing bridge is one of cascading falls encompassed by a natural forest of palms and ferns and an abundance of exotic mosses. Thanks to an ideal environment of 70-percent humidity and an annual rainfall of 140 inches, the mosses flourish over the rocks and trees surrounding the area.

The Botanical Garden, located on the big island of Hawaii in the back of Onomea Valley, is made up of nature trails that will take visitors through tropical rain forests, waterfalls and exotic gardens. Guests may see over 2,000 species of plants and wildlife. The garden has been acclaimed as one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii. A comfortably paced walk through it will take approximately an hour and a half. htbg.com



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