European Modernist Floral Designers

European Modernist Floral Designers

February 12, 2008
Photo by: Courtesy Pim Van den Akker

Establishing themselves as today's modernist botanical sculptors, Europe's most revered and mimicked floral designers are leading a quiet revolution born of a renewed and intensified relationship with nature, as revealed in our January/February 2008 issue.

The issue shows work by Jacques Castagne, Pim Van den Akker, Geert Pattyn, Muriel Le Couls, Marcel Van Dijk and Ann Desmet, each links to the other by philosophy, even as they retain their artistic autonomy. Says Desmet: "It is important for me to fall in love with the nature of things instead of struggling to create form and structure with rigid design ideas in mind."

Similarly, Van den Akker says, "I work from the maxim that whatever your mind thinks of, your hands can make, and from this I always set out to create my own beautiful world and then share it with others."


Two designers whose work is of import equal to those published in Garden Design are Rob Plattel and Gil Boyard. Inspired by both the restrained order and rampant sexuality inherent in nature, Plattel has said, "Respect for nature and her four seasons is essential to my work. I feel the seasonal rhythms intensely and they guide me to do my best if I 'listen' and observe mindfully what they have to say." A special thanks to both artists for sharing their work with us here at