Best Spa Gardens: Frégate Island Private


Best Spa Gardens: Frégate Island Private

March 10, 2008
Photo by: Blancaneaux Lodge

Eden really does exist. You'll find it amidst the sculpted granite islands of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. The most remote is Frégate, a private island reserve where you will be among not more than 40 guests granted exclusive access to some of the world's rarest flora, including the coco de mer palm (Lodoicea maldivica) — not to mention the island's seven beaches, some of which invite the first visitor to arrive to hang a "Beach Occupied" sign. Go on a guided nature walk with an island ecologist to learn about the resort's efforts to return the island to its natural state following an era when it was cleared for farming and grazing. Go through a planted banyan forest or up to the 410-foot Mount Signal on a trail laced with cinnamon, breadfruit, ylang-ylang and cashew trees. As for meals, since the island has its own source of fresh water, everything from coffee to vanilla to papayas is grown organically and harvested daily to appear on your plate. And when it comes to spa indulgence, find your way through the granite canyon bookended by freshwater pools to reach the cliff-top Rock Spa. Here, botanical treatments prepared with local ingredients draw inspiration from India, Australia and Polynesia — this region's "neck of the woods."

Try this: Dining is taken seriously on island. Indulge in a delivered full-service lunch on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Anse Victorin or Anse Macquereau.

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