<i>Ranunculus</i> Bloomingdale 'Purple Shades'

I Love This Plant

Ranunculus Bloomingdale 'Purple Shades'

February 2, 2010
Photo by: Chelsea Stickel

The Bloomingdale series of Ranunculus from Sakata Seed America sets the standard for Persian buttercups, the luminous tightly packed petals reminiscent of the tissue-paper flowers everyone makes in grade school. Their dainty looks are deceiving, though, as these flowers are durable and long lasting. I saw them during Pack Trials in Northern California, holding their own in gale-force winds. ‘Purple Shades’ is one of at least 11 colors. sakata.com, b-and-t-world-seeds.com, chilternseeds.co.uk, paseseeds.com