Cutting Edge: Karla Dascal


Cutting Edge: Karla Dascal

January 29, 2010
Photo by: Karla Events

Every day after school, Karla Dascal’s mother took her to a floral market in Little Havana, Miami, where the sunflowers, gerbera daisies and bird-of-paradise listed in their water-filled buckets. This experience ignited Dascal’s passion for fresh flowers. Or as her company’s mission statement puts it: “Florals are Karla’s soul transformed into a million-dollar art form.” After studying art, architecture and design in Boston, Dascal returned to Miami and began selling roses imported from Ecuador. “They were these sensational, salmon-colored roses that would last 10 days,” Dascal recalls. That budding enterprise has since bloomed into — deep breath — Karla Conceptual Event Experiences, a full-service event-planning firm in Miami’s Wynwood Art District that handles invitation design, event decor, lighting and of course sculptural floral design, Dascal’s trademark.

“Whenever you see one of my floral designs, you know it’s from me,” she says. “When I began, people were still doing these big European arrangements. We streamlined things and made them more architectural.” The Mix (pictured here) is a perfect example. Every arrangement starts with freshly imported flowers, in this case, South American chrysanthemums, Dutch tulips and New Zealand flax leaves. “This arrangement alone represents three continents,” notes Dascal. Add some traditional architectural materials — steel wire and glass — then reshape the flax leaves into Japanese calligraphic brushstrokes, and “you have art,” Dascal says proudly. “Fresh, design-driven art.” 

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