Sparked by shortening days, poinsettias burst forth with dazzling color just as the world outside turns gray and cold. 

For any garden anywhere, there’s a berry to suit the site. Read on to learn more about eight berry-producing plants. 

See how several designers artfully incorporate fire into landscapes to create relaxing outdoor retreats that are perfect for cozy autumn nights!

The Weekly Notebook

Natural Pools, Photo Gallery Tips and advice on adding plants to a natural pool.  Read More »
LongHouse Reserve Container Competition An annual contest of creative planting  Read More »
Magnificent Trees Arboreal portraits that awaken a sense of mystery and communion.  Read More »
Art & Botany: 'Lightweeds' & Illuminated 'Trees' London-based artist Simon Heijdens explores the ecology of objects, and introduces the narrative of the natural world to the built environment. His garden of 'digital, living organisms,' evolves with a gust of wind or a passerby. Read More »
Links We Love, 10/17/2012 A mini-golf course unlike any other, volcanic rivers in Iceland, fall leaves compost, and more in today’s Links We Love!  Read More »
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Garden of Curiosities, Photo Gallery How do the armchair travelers among us create Michael Trapp’s Old World mash-up look in our own gardens without devolving into mishmash? Give the space some structure, Trapp suggests. “Keep clean lines and have some formality,” he advises, “and soften with plant material.” While adhering to that underlying layout, feel free to add architectural elements, like old stone edging or columns, or purchase a few antique pieces like a teak garden bench. Don’t be afraid to mix indoor décor, such as ... Read More »
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Art & Botany: Broken Flowers A flower's demise is a slow process—unless you're photographer Jon Shireman, in which case it happens with a quick pivot and a smash. He immerses his flowers to stiffen them, then flings them against a hard surface. The shattered remains are beautiful. Read More »
Links We Love, 10/10/12 Laser-cut vases, beautiful photographs exploring the “edge effect”, London’s possible future low-line park, and more in today’s Links We Love!  Read More »
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Mod Must-Haves The sixth installment of Dwell on Design, the Los Angeles showcase of modern, sustainable ideas, featured a wide range of stylish, practical green goods, some quietly cutting-edge, others wonderfully wild.  Read More »
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Botanic Notables: The Fruit Salad Tree A fan of grafting and citrus fruits, I've been pursuing the legendary Tree of Many Fruits for some time now, and have yet to find one. Now I could have one in my backyard. Like many of my favorite trees, it hails from Australia. James and Kerry West, farmers in New South Wales, have been cultivating "fruit salad trees," each of which produce several kinds of fruits.  Read More »
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