See how several designers artfully incorporate fire into landscapes to create relaxing outdoor retreats that are perfect for cozy autumn nights!

For any garden anywhere, there’s a berry to suit the site. Read on to learn more about eight berry-producing plants. 
The blooms of late summer and much of fall provide plenty of enjoyment before the curtain falls for winter.

The Weekly Notebook

Botanic Notable: The Remembrance Poppy Poppies are a remembrance flower, symbolizing the sacrifice of veterans, as well as post-war regeneration and hope. With their tendency to thrive in disturbed & ravaged land, poppies would frequently fill European battlefields, but it wasn't until the 1915 publication of "In Flanders Fields," an oft-quoted poem written from the World War I battlefield, that the flower became an emblem of war.  Read More »
Art & Botany: Edward Steichen's Delphiniums Photographer Edward Steichen was also a delphinium breeder. In 1936, New York's MoMA hosted an exhibit of new varieties that the artist had hybridized on his 10-acre farm in Connecticut.  Read More »
Links We Love, 11/2/2012 Portable tree houses, vertical farms, dried bouquets, and more in today’s Links We Love.   Read More »
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Botanic Notables: The Lady Gaga Fern Lady Gaga is a pop star, cultural icon, provocateur and now, a genus of ferns—at least by name. Last week, botanists at Duke University named a newly identified genus of ferns after the singer.  Read More »
Art & Botany: Vases of Roots Photographer Diana Scherer grew plants in vases for six months, then photographed the flower and its network of supporting roots.  Read More »
How to Create a Container Planting Containers are as complicated as they are chic — and worth every minute of your effort Read More »
Stretch the Season with Container Plantings Fresh combinations for container plantings from Seattle landscape designers Glenn Withey and Charles Price.  Read More »
Grasses as Container Plants Grasses, sedges and rushes are major players in gardens from coast to coast. But their textures, colors and toughness also have them headed for stardom in another role – as container plants. Here against a varied backdrop of settings at Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art in Nashville, Tennessee, are examples of the tall and the small, the bold and the delicate – something for everyone. Read More »
Fall Container Recipes The perfect balance of foliage and flowers, these container recipes from Ball Horticulture are guaranteed to delight Read More »
Outstanding Container Plants Plants that are great for containers and baskets Read More »
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